Omega Replica Watches

The two founders of Omega replica made the breakthrough with their three first calibers, "Labrador", "Gurzelen" and "Omega". In 1903 both brothers died. At that time, the company already employed 800 employees. Every year 240000 watches were produced. In the following years, Paul-Emile Brandt formed the company.

After the economic hardships of the First World War, in 1925 a union of Omega and Swiss watchmaker Tissot was established. In 1930, the two companies merged with the newly founded Société Suisse pour l'Industrie Horlogère (SSIH), which bought numerous companies in the following years.

In 1952, during the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952, the Omega-time recorder was used for the first time in sports electronic time measurements. On March 23, 1965, the Omega Speedmaster replica was deployed after numerous NASA tests for the first manned flight into space on the Gemini 3 mission.

In 1969 Buzz Aldrin carried an Omega Speedmaster watch at the first exit on the Moon, the Apollo 11 mission. In the 1970s the SSIH established itself as the most important watch manufacturer in Switzerland and the third most important in the world. At this time, the Omega replica brand exceeded the Rolex brand in its sales figures. Omega Replica Watches can be found here in our shop at!